What’s An Appointment Like?

What’s An Appointment Like?

Note: services related to sexual health do not require parental consent (per the MN Minor Consent Law) but other services will require parental notification. A nurse will explain more about this when you call to schedule an appointment, or during your visit.
First time at myHealth:

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 952-474-3251. If you have a question, call and ask to speak to a nurse or email us. If we can help you here, we will. If you need to be seen for a service we are not able to provide, we can refer you to another healthcare agency who can serve you. As always, if your medical situation is an emergency, please call 911.
  • Walk into myHealth (directions).
  • Check in at the front desk and fill out paper work.
    • Head over to the lab.
    • Finger prick (if first time or for an HIV test).
    • Pee in a cup.
    • Any other tests.
  • Get assigned a private room.
  • Talk to a nurse.
    • The nurse will go over your health history.
    • He or she will ask you about any medications you are taking and any allergies you may have.
    • Feel free to ask the nurse any questions you may have.
  • Talk to the medical provider. He or she will...
    • Perform any exams.
    • Prescribe any necessary prescriptions.
    • Address any concerns you may have.
  • Head over to our in-house pharmacy with the nurse to receive and discuss any prescriptions.
  • Walk back with the nurse to the front desk to schedule any follow-up appointments.
  • If it's your first time, we'll have you fill out some forms so that we can better serve your needs as an individual. 

  • You should bring your insurance card if you have insurance.

  • We may help you sign up for a confidential insurance plan, so if would be helpful for you to bring your social security number, birth certificate, driver’s license or passport, and a month’s worth of paystubs if you are employed. If you don’t have these things, our staff is able to help you figure out how to get them.

  • Please bring in a list of current medications you are taking. 
Our Services

At myHealth we offer a full range of clinical, reproductive, and mental health services including physicals, STI testing and treatment, birth control, and counseling. Take a look at our services page for a full list.

If you require a service we don't provide, we will refer you to another clinic. If you have insurance, we will work to find somewhere within your coverage. If you don't, we have a relationship with Park Nicollet-Creekside and we will make sure you get the healthcare you need.
Payment and Insurance

We provide both low-cost and free health care and no one is turned away if they are not able to pay. Payment is based on a sliding scale of how much you are able to pay. We are happy to see clients without health insurance. We even have staff that are able to help you find out if you qualify for a low-cost state health insurance plan.

While we do encourage healthy communication between young people and their parents/guardians, we understand that not all young people feel comfortable or safe having conversations regarding their reproductive health (annual exams, pap smears, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment). That is why all reproductive services at myHealth for Teens & Young Adults are confidential (private), which means that a person under 18 does NOT need to get permission from, or even tell, a parent/guardian that they are coming to our clinic to receive this care. Under Minnesota Statute 144.341-347 it is a minor's right to receive confidential reproductive health care.
More questions?

Check out our Ask Us! page. If you have a question, call 952-474-3251 and ask to speak to a nurse or email us.
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