Board Opportunities

Board Opportunities

myHealth for Teens & Young Adults is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides basic and reproductive health care, education, and mental health counseling to teens and young adults. myHealth’s mission is to improve the health of our community by providing health services and information that support teens and young adults in making responsible and well-informed decisions. We provide these services in professional, respectful and affordable manner that reflects the unique needs of teens and young adults.

myHealth serves uninsured and low-income clients ages 12-23 in Hennepin, Carver and Scott counties. Nearly 100% of our clients fall at or below 250% of the national poverty guidelines. Our services are offered to uninsured clients based on a sliding fee scale. No one is ever turned away for service due to their inability to pay. In 2014 myHealth:

  • Provided nearly 1,600 clients with low-cost medical services in 4,500 visits

  • Provided 170 clients with 500 individual counseling sessions

  • Provided pregnant and parenting young women with over 100 one-on-one home visits, classes, and case management sessions, and

  • Reached over 17,000 young people, parents and community members with our Community Outreach and Education programs
myHealth is currently accepting applications for new board members.

Primary Duties

myHealth is excited to welcome several new members to our board of Directors. myHealth’s board provides strategic leadership as well as programmatic and financial oversight for the organization. The board is not involved with the day to day operations but does use its committee structure to support the organization. Duties of the board include:

  • Actively participating in periodic strategic planning and monitoring progress toward strategic plan
  • As a group, supporting, supervising and reviewing the performance of the Executive Director
  • Providing financial oversight including approving the annual budget, approving the annual audit and monitoring ongoing financial activities
  • Actively engaging in fundraising by helping identify and cultivate potential donors, participating with staff in solicitation efforts and supporting special fundraising campaigns
  • Developing and approving policies and procedures
  • Acting as organizational ambassador, communicating and promoting myHealth’s mission and programs to the community
  • Adhering to and upholding the mission and core values of the organization


  • Attends board meetings, currently scheduled 10 times per year, currently the fourth Wednesday of the month
  • Actively participates on at least one committee, typically meeting once per month
  • Makes a significant personal contribution or raises funds from another source totaling at least $500 each year


myHealth is seeking candidates with expertise and experience in reproductive health, education, youth services, marketing and communication, law and fundraising. Previous board experience preferred, but all candidates with a passion for myHealth's mission are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Please send a letter of interest and resume to Gerilyn Hausback at
Board Operations, Duties, Responsibilities 

The myHealth Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring the overall financial health of the organization. In carrying out its responsibilities, the full Board meets monthly and has four active working committees which also typically meet monthly: Executive, Finance, and Development. Board membership does require a multi-year time commitment, as well as a financial commitment.

  • Helps develop and maintain a clearly worded Mission Statement to help drive organizational priorities
  • Maintains the organization of the Board of Directors, officers and committees
  • Prepares for meeting and reviews meeting minutes
  • Reviews organizational and programmatic reports, stays informed about myHealth activities and monitors programs and services for effectiveness and impact
  • Attends at least 70% of scheduled board meetings, currently scheduled 10 times per year
  • Serves on at least one committee
  • Attends board development training, workshops or retreats as scheduled (typically once per year)
  • As a group, supervises and reviews the performance and compensation of the Executive Director
  • Actively participates in board evaluation and planning efforts
  • Acts as organizational ambassador, communicating and promoting the myHealth for Teens & Young Adults' mission and its programs to the community
  • Adheres to and uphold the mission of the clinic including comprehensive sexuality education and client confidentiality
  • Provides organizational leadership and advisement
  • Actively participates in periodic strategic planning
  • Formulates and oversees myHealth's policies and procedures
  • Attends and participates in organizational special events
  • Approves annual myHealth budget, monitors agency financials
  • Actively engages in agency fundraising by:
  • Helping identify and cultivate potential donors
  • Participating with staff in solicitation efforts
  • Setting an example by making a significant personal contribution and/or obtaining funds from another source with the expectation that the total is not less than $500/year
  • Supporting special fundraising campaigns
  • Filling out the Development Form annually and completing self assigned tasks
Youth Advisory Board

For information on becoming a member of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

see the information in the For Teens section.
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